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Eye tracking and eye-controlled technology
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Eye Tracking Solutions
Totally free head motion
Unmatched accuracy
State-of-the-art analysis software

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Eye Tracking Software
NYAN® - The most complete eye tracking data analysis suite with all tools needed for the whole life cycle of an eye tracking study. Read more
EAS Monocular®
Eye Tracking Hardware
state of the art remote eye tracker in research and analysis
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Third Party software extensions
Real-time integration
sophisticated in-depth data analysis

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Eye Trackers

Unique eye tracking technology with up to 4 cameras combines highest accuracy with unmatched freedom of head motion. Constant, binocular data output of physiological eye movement parameters as well as calculated eye movement data - now even in 3 dimensions!

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Eye Tracking Software

Turnkey-solutions for eye tracking studies - from preparation to recording and data analysis - our software streamlines the whole life cycle of an eye tracking study. Beginning with the planning of single phases up to the complex analysis of dynamic web content, images, texts, videos, audio and questionnaires.

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Communication & Interaction

Wide variety of applications, helps even heavily physically handicapped persons, to communicate, to interact with computers as well as to control devices in their home or office environment – just through the eyes.

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