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Eye tracking and eye-controlled technology
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NYAN® - Eye Tracking Data Analysis Suite

NYAN is available in three editions: Standard, Professional and Architect.

With the Standard Edition you can present and analyze static stimuli. Furthermore you can record the screen content as video (screen recording) and recorded videos can be edited and evaluated. You have also unlimited access to comprehensive tools for data export and synchronization.

The Professional Edition complements the Standard Edition with sophisticated functionality regarding web and video analysis. You can show videos to your subjects and mix their display with your static stimuli. You can as well follow your subjects on web pages and have access to the navigation pathes of whole subject groups. Analyzing web pages is supported by NYAN's automatisms, scrolling and oversized web pages are no problem at all.

The Architect Edition contains all features of the Professional Edition plus a set of specialized analysis tools and the possibility to use a double computer configuration. Monitor your subjects on a second computer, control NYAN remotely and send triggers on important events.

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Standard Professional Architect
Stimuli Images
Texts (integrated editor)
Color screens
Fixation crosses
Screen content
Web pages (static and dynamic)
Data recording (selection) Raw gaze data (data output of the eye trackers)
3D eyeball position
Fixations, saccades
Key presses
Mouse events (movement, buttons)
Time stamps for post-hoc synchronization
Stimulus events (start, end, frame change, etc.)
Data for frame level synchronization with videos
Changes of web pages
Scrolling of web pages and additional web events
3D-gaze data (EyeFollower)
Synchronized data from external sources
Available analyses (selection) Gaze time plot
Static attention maps
Dynamic attention maps
Group comparison analysis
Areas of interest (AOIs)
Dynamic areas of interest (AOIs) on videos
Web navigation analysis
Video gaze cluster / Bee swarm
Questionnaire data visualisation
Special features (selection) Study designer
Web compatibility of analysis tools
Observer screens
User video & sound replay
Real-time triggers
Export features (selection) Gaze data (X, Y, pupil size, fixations, saccades)
separately for both eyes on binocular systems
Stimulus information (e.g. name, start, stop, synchronization on frame level)
AOI coordinates
Mouse and keyboard events
Fixations in AOIs
Analysis results and diagrams as image or video
Timestamps for post-hoc synchronization with external programs
Web page data (e.g. name, URL, preceding page, following page)
Web page events (e.g. start, stop)
Navigation path in high resolution
Videos with gaze overlay

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