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Eye tracking and eye-controlled technology
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NYAN® - Eye Tracking Data Analysis Suite

The following features are only an excerpt of what is possible with NYAN®. For more details please contact our service team.

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Stimuli you can use Images

Texts (integrated editor)

Color screens

Fixation crosses

Screen content



Web pages (static and dynamic)

Third-party software

Intranet and Internet applications

Data recording (selection) Raw gaze data (data output of the eye trackers)

3D eyeball position

Fixations, saccades

Key presses

Mouse events (movement, buttons, scrolling)

Time stamps for post-hoc synchronization

Stimulus events (start, end, frame change, etc.)

Data for frame level synchronization with videos

Web pages (latency times, visit times, transitions, scrolling, menus, dynamic elements, …)

3D-gaze data (EyeFollower)

Available analyses (selection) Gaze time plot
Visualization of raw gaze data, visualization of smooth pursuit movements, checking of data integrity.

Animated display of scanpaths for subjects on stimuli, view single fixations and saccades.

Attention Maps
Visualization of gaze behavior for multiple subjects; different display modes available, like Heatmap, Sinnbild and Blur; Attentional Landscape 3D visualization.

Group comparison analysis
Visual comparison of gaze behavior between groups of subjects, accentuation of differences in visual attention.

Areas of Interest (AOIs)
Creation of arbitrarily shaped AOIs on static stimuli, management of AOI groups; calculation of metrics based on defined AOIs, e.g. Time to First Fixation, Hit Rate and Average Fixation Duration.

Video gaze overlay
Display of a subject's gaze position on a video, video export with overlaid gaze position.

Web navigation analysis
Visualization of web page transitions for multiple participants, highlighting of frequent pathes, calculation of transition frequencies.
Special features (selection) Web compatibility of analysis tools
Analysis tools like Scanpath, Sinnbuilder/Heatmap, AOI-Definition/Metrics (and more) can be applied to all kinds of web pages even if they extend the monitor or were scrolled.

Preparation of web based tasks with optional task description, timeout and configurable browser size.

Observer screens, double computer configuration
Real-time cloning of participant screen content to a second monitor, including gaze overlay and additional information for the experimenter. Monitoring of subjects on a second computer, remotely controlled calibration, dispatching of triggers.

User Video & Sound Replay
Recording and replay of videos of subjects where you can see and hear each respective subject.

Real-time triggers
Dispatching of real-time triggers during experiments to mark important events.
Export (selection)

The data and numeric analyses which has been collected with NYAN® can be exported in different formats (like CSV, TSV, XLS, TXT) and easily imported in statistic programms like MatLab, SPSS, R or MS Excel. Using image and video export features you can easily insert the graphical results in your presentation.

  • Gaze data (X, Y, pupil size, fixations, saccades) - if binocular, separately for both eyes
  • Stimulus information (e.g. name, start, stop, synchronization on frame level)
  • AOI-coordinates
  • Mouse and keyboard events
  • Fixations in AOIs
  • Analysis results and diagrams as image or video
  • Timestamps for post-hoc synchronization with external programs
  • Web page data (e.g. name, URL, preceding page, following page), web page events (e.g. start, stop), navigation path in high resolution

The aforementioned features are only an excerpt of what is possible with NYAN®. For more details please contact our service team.

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